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Are you tired of the stress of managing your own property? Are you unhappy with your current management company? Let TPM show you what good management solutions can do for you.
Leasing: TPM will lease your property to qualified tenants. First rent surveys are done to ascertain competitive market rents in any particular location. TPM markets vacancies by whatever means that have proven effective, including: ads in the print media, eye catching signs and banners are also affixed on the property itself. A record of calls of prospective tenants is kept and follow-up calls are made to prospective tenants.

TPM views tenant selection as on of our most important functions. TPM applications are handed out during showing appointments to all interested prospects. Prospects can also obtain applications at our office or website. The ease of applying will increase the number of applications we receive as well as speed up the processing time.

Once an application is received in our office, the application is screened for credit, rental and/or ownership references, and income. TPM runs all applicants credit before final lease approval is given.

Once accepted, the prospective tenant signs a lease which has extensive safeguards for the property owner and complies with all local and state laws. The tenant must provide a security deposit and first month’s rent in certified funds before receiving the keys.

Maintenance: No management company would be complete without the ability to handle every conceivable maintenance issue. TPM uses our sister company Clean Sweep Services and a variety of independent contractors that give you and your property both quality work at reasonable prices and quick turnaround.
Rent Collection
Rent Collections: We are very aggressive about rent collections. Rents are due on the first and are considered late on the sixth. Late fees are charged and if necessary, we know all the steps to take in the event the rent is not paid, including pursuing legal action.
Accounting: TPM’s computerized accounting system is capable of providing all the reporting you need for tracking income and expenses. Rents are meticulously recorded and all requested expenses are paid in a timely fashion.
Reporting: Our detailed Monthly Management Reports are sent on the 15th of the month. This report includes a description of the current leasing activities, income statement, maintenance report and other issues at your property.

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